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Who’s Who? is a fun card game of deduction and investigation, designed to stimulate students as they learn vocabulary and basic
grammar structures.
The game allows students to revise vocabulary and language structures related to physical descriptions by asking questions to guess the secret character.
The game includes 66 cards divided into two equal packs distinguished by different colours that represent the 33 characters. Each card presents a character with particular physical details: a man or a woman, different coloured eyes, different coloured hair, facial hair such as a beard or moustache, glasses or particular accessories (earrings, a necklace) and so forth. Some characters are very similar except for a few particular details.
The cards with pictures of characters make this game an excellent tool that can also be used during online classes and courses, for example, students can provide a detailed description of the character shown on the cards, pointing out any differences or similarities with another character.

Who’s Who?

Argument: Physical descriptions Level: A2 Category: Vocabulary Type: Card Game

ISBN: 9788853611703

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