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WHAT IS IT? The Great Game of Numbers is an enjoyable and useful game to practise cardinal and ordinal numbers.
LANGUAGE AIMS The game allows students to learn, memorise and practise English cardinal and ordinal numbers in a fun and engaging way.
CONTENTS The game includes 132 cards: 100 cards with cardinal numbers from 1 to 100, 20 cards with numbers from 0 to 100, 000 (hundreds and thousands), 12 cards with ordinal numbers from 1st to 12th. It also includes 36 boards for playing different versions of bingo.
DISTANCE LEARNING Learning to pronounce and to write numbers won’t be a problem anymore even during online classes and courses. The cards, randomly picked by the teacher, can be a fun way to create an imaginary path where each student takes turns to pronounce or correctly write the number shown on the card. In an alternative version the students can create their own personal board using all 132 numbers included in the game to play an innovative version of bingo where “first” is not only the winner but also one of the numbers picked..

The Great Game of Numbers

Argument: Numbers Level: A2-B1 Category: Vocabulary Type: Bingo

ISBN: 9788881480746

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