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The Great Verb Game is a very useful card game, based on observation, using 100 illustrated verbs.
The game allows students to learn, memorise and practise English grammar and sentences in a fun and engaging way by conjugating 100
commonly-used verbs and forming sentences in a variety of situations.
The game includes 132 cards: 100 blue cards with an illustrated action and the corresponding verb in the infinitive, 21 green cards with
subject pronouns, 8 yellow cards with verb tenses, 3 red cards with the affirmative, the negative and the interrogative form.
Thanks to its structure, this game is also excellent during distance learning situations. The only difference when used during online classes and courses is that only the teacher can handle the game components. All of the cards can be used by showing them to the players, who have to conjugate the verb written in the infinite form and represented in the picture, following the instructions on the cards that the teacher shows on each player’s turn.

The Great Verb Game

Argument: General vocabulary Level: A2-B1 Category: Grammar Type: Card Game

ISBN: 9788881483105

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