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The animal kingdom is a card game where players have to identify, name and collect as many animals as possible on their list. The animals relate to a variety of categories: household pets, animals of the savannah, farm animals, forest animals, polar animals, mountain
animals, sea animals, jungle animals, and include different features: with two legs, with four legs, with fins, with wings, with ears, with horns, with a tail, with hooves, with fur, with feathers, but also carnivores, herbivores, invertebrates, mammals...
Using the multi-image boards, the game can be also used for playing bingo.
The game helps with the learning process, revision and correct use of vocabulary and language structures related to animals,
and expands students’ vocabulary via the presentation of animals within a stimulating and fun context: Where do they live? What do they look like? What do they eat?
The game includes 66 photographic cards and 36 boards with lists of animals and bingo cards on the reverse side.
The photographic cards and the reversible boards are perfect tools to make this game an excellent resource to use during online classes and courses. For example, students can include the animals in sentences that describe their habits or they can assign the correct name to each picture included in the bingo boards.

The animal kingdom

Argument: Animals Level: A1-A2 Category: Vocabulary Type: Bingo

ISBN: 9788853622815

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