• Description
• 132 cards: each card has on the top half an answer and on the lower half a question
• A teacher’s booklet
• To facilitate the learning and reinforcement of question forms, of tenses and of basic vocabulary
• To practise conversation through mini-dialogues
• To present some idiomatic expressions
The game can be played both in class or at home. The game can be played according to the linguistic level of the players; it is easy to choose due to the colour and number of the asterisks that appear on the back of the cards: orange for level A2 and blue for level B1. The teacher or group leader chooses on the packs, shuffles them and deals the cards evenly amongst the players. The youngest player starts the game by reading the question on his/her card out loud. The other players listen carefully and the one that has the most corresponding answer, reads the answer out loud. Then he/she reads the question on his/her card and another player answers. The game continues in this manner until the last answer. If the game is played correctly, the player who started the game should finish it by answering the last question. The teacher’s booklet contains the correct sequence of the phrases and suggestions on how to play the game in different ways.

Question Chain

Argument: Everyday Life Level: A2-B1 Category: Vocabulary Type: Card Game

ISBN: 9788853604682

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