• Description
Players take turns to pick a card from the deck of illustrated cards which present the various characters from the playing
board. They then need to complete the sentence with the correct preposition of place. For each correct sentence,
the player wins a gold coin. The winner is the player or team with the most gold coins at the end of the game.
The teacher’s booklet contains instructions, solutions and ideas for extra activities.
• An illustrated playing board of Preposition Island
• 58 cards: each representing a character from the playing board
• 8 cards with the prepositions of place: above, under, behind, in front of, between, next to, inside, on
• 60 gold coins
• A teacher’s booklet
• Widen the students’ vocabulary via the presentation of characters and objects in the fun and stimulating illustration
• Understand and use sentences with prepositions of place

Preposition Island

A1 Level

Argument: General vocabulary Level: A1 Category: Grammar Type: Board Game

ISBN: 9788853613622

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