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Play for the Planet is a board game with an illustrated playing board where players move along a path that contains information about an eco-friendly lifestyle in order to reach the finish square.
The game allows students to practise vocabulary related to the environment: recycling, renewable energy, organic agriculture and food.
The understanding and sharing of this information in order to play the game, help to make the learning process, revision and correct use
of English language structures and vocabulary, a fun and enjoyable experience.
The game includes 60 photographic cards, 72 game cards, a playing board with 100 spaces and a dice.
Thanks to all of the elements and features on the cards, the game is also a perfect educational tool to use during online classes and courses. The 60 photographic cards are excellent to stimulate observation and descriptive skills. The 72 question cards can be the starting point for a fun quiz game that can be played remotely.

Play for the planet

Argument: Environment Level: A2-B1 Category: Vocabulary Type: Board Game

ISBN: 9788853622860

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