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Distribute the playing cards and a ‘suitcase’ containing a list of items which need to be packed. Players take turns to ask each other questions, e.g. Have you got the pyjamas? If a player has the corresponding card, he/she answers: Yes, I have and hands over the card. The player can then ask another question. If a player doesn’t have the requested card he/she answers: No, I haven’t and play turns to this player who asks another player for something in his/her suitcase. The winner is the first player to obtain all of the items in his/her suitcase. The teacher’s booklet contains suggestions on various other ways to play the game.
• 66 photographic cards
• 36 boards with the lists that can also be used for playing bingo
• A teacher’s booklet
• To learn vocabulary and structures related to clothes

Pack your Bag

A1 Level

Argument: Clothing Level: A1 Category: Vocabulary Type: Bingo

ISBN: 9788853619266

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