• Description
• 66 photographic cards
• 36 shopping lists with bingo cards on the reverse side
• A teacher’s booklet
• Help with the learning process, revision and correct use of vocabulary and structures related to shopping
• Widen the students' vocabulary through the presentation of food and drink in a stimulating and fun situation: buying and selling
• Familiarise students with British culture through the topic of food and shopping
Players take turns to ask for an item on their shopping list. If the other player has the item, he/she hands the card to the player who asked. Items can be requested more than once and each time they must be handed over. The winner is the first player to obtain all the items on their shopping list. The 'bingo' cards contain images of food and the aim of the game is to cover all of the squares as the leader chooses one card at a time from the playing deck. The game can be played by showing the card and pronouncing the name of the item, or alternatively, the name of the item can be pronounced without showing the card to the players. The guide contains the rules of the game, ideas for extra
activities, a food quiz, typical recipes and a variety of proverbs and idioms related to food and drink.

My Shopping List

Argument: Food Level: A2 Category: Vocabulary Type: Bingo

ISBN: 9788853613677

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