• Description
• 48 cards with on one half an illustration and a phrase (verb in the infinitive) on the other half
• A teacher’s booklet
• To facilitate the learning, reinforcement and correct use of frequently used tenses
• To extend vocabulary
The game can be played at school or at home. The teacher can adapt the game depending on the level of the students choosing to conjugate the verbs in the past, present or future forms.
Starting with the beginning card and following the usual domino rules, the players need to combine the illustration with the correct written description conjugating the verb in the required tense (past-present-future) and with the corresponding person (3rd person singular or plural) and progressively reconstruct the phases of the party. The player who correctly inserts all his cards wins the game.
The teacher’s booklet contains information of the theme of ‘parties’, typical recipes, some useful websites and the list of the verbs used in the game with the relative conjugations.

Let’s Party!

Argument: Organizing a Party Level: A2-B1 Category: Grammar Type: Dominoes

ISBN: 9788853604736

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