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WHAT IS IT? Adjectives & Opposites is a very simple, useful and enjoyable card game, based on observation and matching illustrated adjectives with corresponding opposite adjectives.
LANGUAGE AIMS The game allows students to learn, memorise and practise 130 commonly-used English adjectives in a fun and engaging way.
CONTENTS The game includes 130 illustrated cards divided into two packs identifiable by the colour on the reverse side. Each card has very clear and detailed pictures with the adjective shown below. It also includes a Joker card and a Surprise card to make the game more dynamic and fun.
DISTANCE LEARNING These cards are the perfect tool to use during online classes and courses: the super-detailed pictures can be described to stimulate observation skills and to develop speaking skills. It can also be used as a starting point to identify who are the fastest students to remember the opposite of the adjective shown.

Adjectives & Opposites

Elementary to Intermediate – Common European Framework: A2-B1

Argument: General vocabulary Level: A2-B1 Category: Vocabulary Type: Card Game

ISBN: 9788853628176

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